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Installing walkways or paths in your yard? Put your best foot forward with stepping stones from  Indolotus Imports

From natural stone and flagstone to exposed aggregate patio blocks and precast concrete blocks, we'll help you find the perfect match for your outdoor space. Select from our many varieties of natural stone, or let the staff at Indolotus assist you in selecting the right stone or rock to enhance your yard or garden.

You’ll find something for every project and budget: lava stone, basalt pavers, gravel pebbles, crushed stone, river rocks, riprap, wall stones, flagstone, boulders, natural rock steppers, stone slabs, Chilton, Chilton Steppers, Chilton Flagstone, Stone Benches and more.

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River rock, which comes in multitude of colors: gray, beige, and brown, green, etc., and will convert your home's environment into a work of art.

Here are only a few examples: For great curb appeal, use river rock as mulch or xeriscape in your gardens, fill in the gaps between your flagstones, or build a charming walking path. The scenery choices seem limitless, just as the colors, shapes, and sizes of river rocks.

River rock is a type of rock that has been smoothed, rounded, and semi-polished by moving water. River rocks can be found on beaches, in stream beds, and riverbeds, and appear in a wide range of shapes and colors. They’re typically 1 to 2 inches in diameter but can vary in size.

For a little inspiration and creative assistance, we've put together pictures of river rock landscape design ideas below. Water-polished stones can be used for a variety of purposes, including erosion control, giving texture to a walking route, and providing mulch for your xeriscape.

Indolotus Imports, Cell: 808-280-8323  (call/text)

Indolotus Imports, Ph: 808-879-9997

Indolotus Imports, Cell: 808-280-8323  (call/text)

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Stepstones, Stepping Stones & River Rocks, Home Renovations, Kihei, Maui, Hawaii

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From small to extra large sized stone tiles, there is no job to big or small when it comes to adding stone to your home or garden. Choose from a variety of colors that include lava rock, beach blonde, slate gray, sandstone and more… At Indolotus Imports, we have a massive inventory of stone tiles…

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