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A number of different clay-based materials are used for planting pots. The term terracotta (the term means "baked earth" in Italian) generally refers to an unglazed, somewhat porous ceramic made from clay. These are the familiar reddish-brown clay pots that are very popular as planting containers. Some terracotta has a glazed surface on the inside.

Traditional ceramic containers are also used as plant pots. Ceramic pots tend to be made of denser, less porous earthen materials, and they are always glazed, both inside and out. All these types of ceramics have similar properties when used as planting containers. 

  • Terracotta pots are classic planting pots, with a neutral and warm color that makes almost any plant look great.

  • Indolotus have a huge selection of ceramic pots of all shapes, sizes, colors to fit your home nd garden décor projects.

  • Our High-end ceramic pots are very durable. Glazed ceramics can last for decades.

Stone, Concrete, Fiberglass and Onyx Planters

Some of the most beautiful containers are made of concrete. The colors and shapes can be elegant and nuanced. . Hypertufa has some of the looks of concrete but is lighter.

Hypertufa is an anthropic rock made from various aggregates bonded together using Portland cement, which is then cast into molds or simply shaped by hand. You can make textured pots by using a basket, leaves, shells, or other decorative items to stamp patterns in the finished pots. Hypertufa takes a few weeks to cure, so it is a good springtime project.

Concrete and hypertufa are both incredibly durable and the containers can be left outside even in the harshest climates.

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More designs and variations

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4.7 Rating


A must see selection to browse. One of kind pieces around every corner. We picked up three large glazed planters, planted Raphis palms in them to spruce up our home’s entrance. Very pleased with the look. Oh yea, don’t forget to grab some lava stone pavers, they are an easy upgrade to your walking areas.

Torsten E.

A big thank you to Colby at the fuel station for helping me today! He went above and beyond!

Jay J

The best selection of planners and ceramic pots in the whole state!
Excellent customer service and fantastic value for all ranges and needs. Highly recommended!

Danni L.

Pots and Planters for your Office, Home & Garden, Kihei, Maui, Hawaii

Pots and Planters for your Office, Home & Garden

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