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About Indolotus


Maui's #1 Supplier of Custom Gates & Live Edge Tables

Indolotus Imports brings you the best of garden art and home décor: both exterior and interior with incredible statuary, antique furniture, designer gates, stones, and more.
Our Inventory includes but is not limited to: Live Edge Tree Slab Tables, Designer Gates, Pots, Statues, Wood Furniture like Table, Chair, Bedstand, and more.

Indolotus Imports is a one-of-a-kind import store in Hawaii. Located in Kihei on the island of Maui. We invite you in to come in and visit our store If you haven’t done so already, take a stroll around and treat yourself to the many sights and textures of imported goods that, until now, one could only dream of. We promise to welcome you with a warm smile and our services, should you require them: are impeccable.

Our Inventory

Our Inventory

Indolotus Imports have the largest selection of Stainless Steel Custom Designer Gates in Maui for your Home, Office and any other need.

We also have a huge selection of Live Edge Tree Slab Furnitures to compliment your Dining Room, Living Area, Home, Office, Garden and more!

Our inventory is unique and one of-a-kind. This inventory rotates often! Please allow these pictures to be an example of the kind of items we stock, more than the actual piece we have available.

Categories (click to expand view)

1. Designer GatesStainless Steel Artistic Metal, Aluminum, Wooden Gates

2. Ceramic, Stone Pots and Planters - Pots, Planters, fountains

3. Stepping Stones and River Rock - video walkthrough (YouTube)

4. Unique Furniture - console tables, teak benches, daybeds, cabinets and more

5. Live Edge Slab Tables and Furniture - video walkthrough (YouTube)

6. Stone, Sinks and Tub- video walkthrough (YouTube)

7. Sculpturegarden art, buddhas, Quan Yin statues, dolphins, artifacts, foo dog

8. Stone Tile and Pool Coping - video walkthrough (YouTube)

9. Other Unique Items - video walkthrough (YouTube)


Pricing is determined based on the inventory at hand which is always changing. We do not have "canned" items or "prices".

Shipping (although expensive) is available. Please inquire.

Delivery on Maui is available and will depend on the item and delivery location. Please inquire.

For more information we invite you to visit our outdoor display areas and speak with a member of our staff.

Stone Tile and Pool Coping, Maui, Hawaii
Statues and sculpture, hme decor, beach home improvement, kihei, maui, hawaii
Live Edge Slab Table, Maui, Hawaii
IMG_3744 (small).JPG

Custom gates are in abundance at Indolotus Imports. You can choose from our in house selection or create something totally your own. There is no gate to big or too small for our talented team! If you have a need for a gate then we invite you to come in and speak with us today.

Designer Gates, Maui, Hawaii
IMG_3744 (small).JPG

Live edge slabs, also called natural edge slabs, can be used as countertops, tabletops, shelving & more. View our selection of rustic live edge wood.

Live Edge Slab Furniture
Ceramic and Stone Pots, kihei, maui, hawaii
IMG_3744 (small).JPG

Indolotus Imports has a large selection of custom teak benches, console tables, wooden cabinets, drawers, and desiger doors, in different variations of colors and sizes. Use indoor or outdoor depending on your style and dress them up with pillows or surround them with decorative pots and foliage. 

Console Table, Unique Furniture, Maui, Hawaii
Statue, Sculpture, Maui, Hawaii
Stone, Sinks & BathTubs, Maui, Hawaii
State, Sculpture, Unique, Home Decor, Home Depot, Lowe's, Maui Hawaii

 Indolotus Imports brings you   the world's best in home décor. 

If you are inquiring about a particular item from the picture galleries, please note that our inventory is unique and changes all the time. Your best option to find an item will be to visit our store in person.
Indolotus Imports, Kihei, Maui, Hawaii

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